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International Initial Vocational Training

ACJ provides intermediary services for hosting students in the following professional areas. The typical tasks performed by the students in the hosting organizations are listed below each professional area.

Please note that the tasks performed by the students during the Initial Vocational Training time may vary according to the specificities of the hosting organization or company, monitoring availability, and time of the year. The specific tasks need to be agreed upon between the hosting and the sending organizations on the IVT plan, as part of the Memorandum of Understanding.


Business - retail shops and companies

  • Organize and plan product or service sales;
  • Stock management;
  • Customer service;
  • Financial Management (job shadowing);
  • Apply New Technologies to Commercial functions;
  • Implement principles of Strategic Management and Communication;
  • Do Market Studies;
  • Perform administrative tasks.


Administration - All kinds of offices/ Administration

  • Receive, verify, register, and file documentation;
  • Prepare and issue documentation;
  • Collaborate in supporting the administration/direction;
  • Labour legislation;
  • Collaborate in compliance with health, hygiene, and safety rules at work;
  • Process salaries;
  • Collaborate in training plans for human resources;
  • Collaborate with the purchasing department;
  • Manage stocks;
  • Analyze and verify production forecasts;
  • Collaborate in quality and environmental control;
  • Develop market studies;
  • Receiving and verifying deliveries and stock;
  • Manage customer portfolios;
  • Collaborate in carrying out advertising campaigns


Electrical engineering

  • Select components, materials, and equipment, based on their technical features in accordance with existing rules and regulations;
  • Interpret and correctly use manuals, diagrams, and other technical literature provided by manufacturers;
  • Perform correction, adjustment, and maintenance operations, according to the manufacturer's instructions;
  • Analyze and interpret anomalies in functioning and formulate hypotheses of probable causes;
  • Apply and respect the rules of environmental protection and prevention, hygiene and safety at work;
  • Execute low voltage installations, namely installations for use, collective, feeding, command, signaling and protection, and industrial installations;
  • Carry out the maintenance and repair of installations for use, industrial, and electricity distribution;
  • Perform the installation, maintenance, and repair of specific equipment in the home automation area;
  • Make cost estimates and facility budgets.


Electrical engineering – Hardware maintenance

  • Assemble, install and configure computers, isolated or in networks, devices, peripherals, and software;
  • Maintain and provide support for computer systems in a considerable number of computer environments;
  • Diagnose malfunctions and repair computer and mobile devices;
  • Make hardware maintenance cost estimates;
  • Use the main computer applications and utilities;
  • Install, configure and manage security and data communication solutions;
  • Create and maintain Internet pages.


Health care

  • Assist the user in hygiene and comfort care according to the nurse's guidelines;
  • Assist the nurse in providing hygiene and comfort care and in treatments;
  • Assist the user's in feeding and hydration tasks;
  • Perform tasks that require immediate and simultaneous intervention to alert the health professional;
  • Assist in the transfer, positioning, and transport of the user;
  • Carry out the washing and disinfection of health facilities’ material, clinical material, and clinical support material in a specific place, as well as their storage and conservation;
  • Ensure the collection, sorting, transport, and packaging of hospital waste;
  • Ensure activities to support the functioning of the different health units and services;
  • Assist the health professional in the collection of biological samples and transport to the appropriate service.


Social and pedagogical work - work placement as personal/ teacher assistant, child care

  • Collaborate and/or carry out the planning of pedagogical and recreational activities in the different contexts in which it operates, taking into account the educational needs and the age of the children in its care.
  • Caring for children in daycare centers, kindergartens, and similar establishments.
  • Caring for children in Free Time Activities.
  • Take care of children with specific educational needs, collaborating in the programming, development, and monitoring of their daily and leisure activities.
  • Ensure the conditions of hygiene, safety, and organization of the place where the children are, as well as the toys and other materials used.
  • Inform guardians and/or the Child Educator about possible health problems or other problems related to the child's daily routines.


Child and recreation - fitness centers

  • Store and ensure the conservation of equipment;
  • Help on the annual preparation plan in collaboration with the higher education technicians responsible for the sport;
  • Assist in the preparation and organization of training sessions;
  • Guide, with the supervision of a technician of a higher degree, the training sessions with a view to improving the practitioners in the sport, in compliance with the rules of the sport and the rules of discipline;
  • Organize participation and guide practitioners in competition, under the supervision of a technician with a higher degree;
  • Collaborate in the evaluation of the results of the training sessions according to their suitability for the established objectives, under the supervision of a technician with a higher degree;
  • Participate, under the supervision of a technician with a higher degree, in planning and assisting in the implementation of activities, individual or group, to improve physical fitness, within the scope of sports training;
  • Participate in the design and implementation of physical and sports activities programs in the context of entertainment and leisure activities;
  • Assist the superior technician in advising practitioners in adopting healthy habits and hygiene care in their daily life.



  • Check and prepare the conditions of use and cleaning of equipment, tools, and spaces of the hairdressing service.
  • Attend customers and advise them on hair beautification and treatment.
  • Make hair beautifying and treatment, using the appropriate processes and techniques and selecting the necessary equipment, tools, and products.
  • Make specific embellishments on hair, cutting them according to models appropriate to the client's own characteristics.
  • Ensure the day-to-day supply management of the company, controlling stocks and providing it with the necessary products and equipment;
  • Proceed to sanitize spaces, equipment, and utensils, namely by supervising or cleaning spaces and washing, disinfecting, and sterilizing the instruments used, ensuring the necessary health and safety conditions in the establishment;
  • Serve and receive customers, understand their needs, install them and fill in the personal data form;
  • Perform hair hygiene and preparation, using the appropriate processes and techniques depending on the type of service and treatment to be performed;
  • Proceed to dry the hair, depending on the desired hairstyle, touching or brushing;
  • Perform scalp treatment massages, by manual or mechanical processes and apply the appropriate products for each type of treatment;
  • Make the hair beautifying, advising customers according to their preferences, style, and personal characteristics;
  • Perform technical work on the hair, advising customers on the type of beautification, according to their preferences and appropriate to their style and personal characteristics;
  • Apply for wigs, hairpieces, and hair extensions, fixing them on the natural hair;
  • Cut and trim beards, mustaches, and pears using razors, scissors, and other appropriate utensils and products;
  • Sell ​​products and services, using sales techniques conducive to business growth;
  • Ensure financial and treasury management, billing services provided to customers;
  • Manage conflicts and deal with customer complaints, taking into account the need to ensure their satisfaction.


Hotel and tourism

Information services, and tourism companies:

  • Provide tourist information about the country and where it is located;
  • Organize and monitor animation programs;
  • Organize events, conferences, and special programs for groups;
  • Proceed with customer service and monitoring, identifying their needs and guiding their choices;


Travel agency services:

  • Present, advise, and propose to the customer several types of tourism products suited to his motivation and interests;
  • Transmit to customers all information and documentation related to the requested tourist service;
  • Make reservations, issue tickets and vouchers and other relevant documentation for the trips or services to be provided;
  • Proceed with the sale and billing of the services provided;
  • Organize individual customer processes, make arrival and departure transfers;
  • Provide assistance at airports (arrivals and departures);
  • Carry out travel programs, conferences, etc.;
  • Organize events and programs for special groups;
  • Follow up on travel agency service providers, such as tour operators, companies, or individual clients being contracted;
  • Organize the travel agency file.


Reception service in tourist units and hotels:

  • Carry out research on different types of tourist information;
  • Provide information and promote tourism products and services;
  • Sell tourism products and services;
  • Carry out booking operations;
  • Provide information on the historical, cultural, ethnographic, and gastronomic heritage of the region and the country;
  • Provide customer assistance;
  • Perform customer service and reception.



  1. Two months before de IVT start, first contact and agreement about work placements and working hours;
  2. One month before de IVT start, sending organization fill in the online form with students’ data including telephone numbers, technical area, competence lists, and flight data, send ECVET Memorandum of Understanding and Learning Agreement templates,  so ACJ can arrange IVT placement and accommodation in time. Student data must be sent by filling the electronic form available on this link and upload (or send by e-mail) the student’s scanned passport or national ID;
  3. Three weeks before the IVT start, ACJ will send you the filled and signed ECVET Memorandum of Understanding and Learning Agreement;
  4. Three weeks before the IVT start, ACJ will send the selected receiving companies/organizations, and student placement and accommodation suggestions;
  5. Two weeks before the IVT start, ACJ will send the invoice and it should be paid one week before the IVT start;
  6. On the last IVT day, students will receive the signed Europass Mobility and IVT certificate;
  7. Two weeks after the IVT, ACJ will send you the final IVT report.


Updated service price list:



Initial Vocational Training preparation and student placement

250€ per student

Student monitoring during International IVT per month

120€ per student

Staff Job Shadowing

400€ per teacher/staff


(We don’t provide accommodation, but we can recommend affordable hotels)

Average prices

Prices on low season (October to May excluding festive days)

Hotel room: Single: 65€, Double: 90€

Hostel (shared bedroom with shared bathroom): 35€;

Prices on high season (June to September)

Hotel room: Single 110€, Double: 150€:

Hostel (shared bedroom with shared bathroom): 50€;

Cultural activities per cultural day, including transportation

50€ per person

Transfer between Airport and Hotel and Hotel and Airport

8 passenger minibus


4 passenger car