Teaching and Learning after the Lockdown

Discussion and reflection webinar
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An international teacher and staff discussion about educational issues raised by the pandemic lockdown, focused on distance learning practices, methods and resources, the future of education and teacher career development.


Main contents

  1. Educational issues raised by the pandemic lockdown;
  2. Distance Learning practices, methods, and resources we can transfer to face-to-face teaching and learning;
  3. The European Digital Competence Framework for Educators;
  4. Teacher training and career development;
  5. The future of education.

* The webinar is held in the English language. English A2 (CEFR) level is recommended, but trainers are experienced in helping students with English language difficulties.

Course program

Before the webinar:

Answering a brief questionnaire about school and teacher practices on distance learning;

During the webinar (18:00 CET):

  1. Introduction to the topics by the lecturers;
  2. Questions and group discussion.


Note: The course program can be changed according to participant's profile, local holidays or other unpredictable reasons.


Target group

Primary school teachers, Secondary school teachers, School staff and School managers.


Course methodology

Introduction to the topics by the lecturers;

Discussion based on a previously answered questionnaire;

Sharing practices.



Course fees


Webinar participants will get an attendance certificate issued by Mint.Edu.

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