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Kahoot is a very simple and easy way to get started with game-based learning approaches. It’s a powerful tool that motivates and engages students in a fun and learning context. Teachers can create, edit and reuse quizzes. Activities can be developed live or at the student’s pace. Gather all results information, for assessment and reevaluation of the quiz and students' learning.


Main contents

  • Navigating the Kahoot! platform;
  • Search for Kahoots;
  • Duplicate, editing, and sharing Kahoot's;
  • Playing a Kahoot!;
  • Certifications of Teachers;
  • Hidden features;
  • Tricks on how to make a long-term learning resource.

* The workshop is held in the English language. English A2 (CEFR) level is recommended, but trainers are experienced in helping students with English language difficulties.

Course program

Day 1
  • Workshop and participant presentation;
  • Game-based learning approach;
  • Exploring Kahoot! features;
  • Kahoot! tips and tricks.
Day 2 (after trying out and have questions - one week more or less)
  • Question and problem solved in real-time with course providers;
  • Course evaluation;
  • Certification.


Note: The course program can be changed according to participant's profile, local holidays or other unpredictable reasons.


Target group

Primary school teachers, Secondary school teachers, School staff and School managers.


Course methodology
  • Brief introduction to each of the topics;
  • Live demonstration on each topic;
  • Questions and live problem solving;
  • Participants share experiences and best practices on each topic in the group meeting.

Course fees


Course participants will get a Certificate of participation and a Declaration of Obtained Competencies.

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