Course fee and billing procedure

Course fee

Training courses' fee are 380 per participant. ACJI will only charge this amount to each participant. Except for the tailored courses, designed for specific organization purposes (for a minimum of 10 participants) every ACJI course has the duration of five days.

Organized cultural programmes, and meals during the included visits are paid separately. Cultural programmes cost the maximum amount of 50 per participant. Meal prices depend on local restaurant offer.

Special courses, like Learning to Code Through Robotics, may have different fees, because of extra expenses like resources cost. In this course, for exemple, the robot's rental.


Other mobility expenses

Travel costs, accommodation and meals during your stay are also funded by Erasmus+ grant.  

  • The travel grant amount is calculated based on the distance that you need to travel from your home place to the course. Please use the following link to go to the distance calculator tool or the Erasmus+ Guide if you want more detailed information.
  • Accommodation and meals are funded by the individual support grant, which is calculated multiplying the daily amount by the number of mobility days plus 2 days, if your journey includes one day to travel from your country to Portugal, and another day to travel back home. The daily grant varies depending on the country you are traveling to, according to the forecast of the cost of living in that country.


Billing procedure

  1. About one month before the course starting date, ACJI will send each participant and the school contact person an e-mail message with the individual invoices, and Bank transfer details.
  2. Participants can pay the course fee until 21 days (three weeks) before de course starts, by Bank transfer. The reference number of the bill(s) should be mentioned on the transfer description to ease payment tracking. All transfer costs are paid by the payer.
  3. The school or the contact person will send ACJI an e-mail with the attached bank transfer evidence, indicating the course name, starting date and the name of the participants. Depending on the Erasmus Funding contract, the bills can be paid by the school or by individual teachers.
    * If you wish to include your school's or the participant's VAT number, please send it to us by e-mail.
  4. ACJI will send the bills/receipts to the contact person of each school. Bills/receipts are addressed to the school referring the course name, place, starting and ending dates and the name(s) of the participant(s).