Applying to Erasmus+ Funding

Erasmus Grant and Application

The grant comes from Erasmus+ KA1 programme, but it’s open to anyone that wants to learn more and better.

The application form and rules to apply to Erasmus+ grant can be found on your National Agency site (

The grant of the Erasmus+ programme covers all necessary costs of the participant.

The grant for the participant and organization covers:

  • Travel costs based on the distance calculator. Calculated between your school address and the place of the course - Faro Gambelas Distance Calcultator
  • Daily supplement for accommodation and subsistence based on the country - Portugal.
  • Course fee: 70€ per course day
  • Organization: 350€


For more information on the Erasmus+ programme please read the Erasmus+ Guide


Procedures to apply for funding

  1. First, the organization/school must have a PIC number that identifies your institution in ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service). To get a PIC number you must register in ECAS
  2. Then apply with us as partner. PIC NUMBER: 915702117


We can help you building your application after a pre-registration of the participants. Priority will be given to institutions with 5 or more participants.

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