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Our purposes

Our main goal is to provide European teachers and school staff with innovative teaching and learning approaches and resources, with a major focus on information and communication technologies.

ACJ courses focus on the most imminent educational issues and topics, related to every teaching subject. Most courses include visits to different grading schools and local, regional, and national institutions, in order to supply all participants an inside view of successful teaching and learning environments.

Job Shadowing courses provide participants an experience to insight alternative ways to work, prepare, implement, learn and acquire new abilities and skills to implement in school classes. School staff participants can observe different school management strategies and expand their European contact network. Participants visit model schools in different educational levels and learn about other country's educational systems.

On-site course editions, webinars, and on-line courses are organized and thought by internationally experienced teacher trainers and are held throughout the year, including school breaks. Courses are held in the English language, but trainers are fluent in other languages.

ACJ is also an intermediary agency to Initial Vocational Training for VET students. ACJ staff organizes placement in national and international companies and institutions within the Erasmus framework, constantly monitor their experiences, and prepares accommodation and meals.

ACJ organizes cultural and recreational activities for courses and IVT participants, teachers, or students, thanks to the cooperation network with Algarve tourism agencies and tour suppliers.

ACJ is commited with Erasmus Quality Standarts in all processes and activities ans helps course and programmes participants to include this quality standarts in their projects and mobilities.

ACJ commitment with Erasmus Quality Standarts is described in this document.

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