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Technology and AI for language teachers: Hands-on guide

Step into a new era of education where the synergy of language instruction and Artificial Intelligence transforms classrooms.
Technology and AI for language teachers: Hands-on guide

Your gateway to seamlessly integrating AI into your language lessons. Discover innovative tools, personalized learning experiences, and cutting-edge methodologies. Elevate your teaching in the digital age.

The course is aimed at foreign language teachers who would like to refresh their teaching style, discover new ways of finding teaching materials, and exploit digital tools.

The course will provide a practical approach to foreign language teaching, concentrating on productive and receptive linguistic skills as well as referring to cutting-edge technology.

Each day, participants will produce teaching materials while performing various tasks in the international team - comparing their experiences, sharing knowledge, and learning by doing.  

Main contents

Main contents

  • Principles of teaching a foreign language;
  • Teaching receptive skills;
  • Teaching productive skills;
  • AI and mobile devices in teaching.

The course is held in the English language. English A2 (CEFR) level is recommended, but trainers are experienced in helping students with English language difficulties. Participants are required to bring their tablet or laptop.

Course program

Course program

Day 1

  • Course and participant presentation;
  • Icebreaking activities;
  • Venue presentation and hints;
  • Coffee break;
  • Principles of teaching a foreign language (theory and practical aspects);
  • Lunch;
  • Using GPS guiding apps to explore educational pathways: exploring Krakow Old Town.

Day 2

  • Teaching receptive skills - Listening (AI included if possible);
  • Coffee break;
  • Teaching receptive skills - Reading (AI included if possible);
  • Lunch;
  • Nearby cultural visit.

Day 3

  • Teaching productive skills - Speaking (AI included if possible);
  • Coffee break;
  • Teaching productive skills - Writing (AI included if possible);
  • Lunch;
  • Using GPS guiding apps to explore educational pathways: exploring Kazimierz.

Day 4

  • Cultural Visit (According with participants subjects)
    • Auschwitz tour
    • Zakopane Tour
    • Ojcowski National Park tour
    • Wieliczka Salt Mine

Day 5

  • Spontaneous lessons i.e. ideas for ‘don’t know what to do’ classes, using AI;
  • Coffee break;
  • Teaching with AI skills;
  • Course evaluation;
  • Certification;
  • Lunch;
  • Free afternoon.


Note: The course program can be changed according to participant's profile, local holidays or on the availability of schools to visit.


Target group



Course methodology

Course methodology

  • A brief introduction to each of the topics;
  • Participants share experiences and best practices on each topic in group and plenary sessions;
  • English and language enhancement;
  • Participants experiment with the use of ICT AI tools, install, configure, and explore tools and apps in language teaching;
  • Participants could visit public and private schools, observe lessons, from different levels, visit museums, and observe infrastructures and resources and their usage;
  • Individually or in groups, participants prepare language lessons, using ICT AI tools and apps.

Course fees


Course participants will get a Certificate of participation and a Declaration of Obtained Competencies.

Competences acquired will be validated by the course organizers on the Europass mobility. Participants must ask their national agency to issue the Europass (Visit our website Documents > Europass mobility).


Accommodation and Meals

Participants book their accommodation. ACJ will advise participants on hotel choices in different price categories. Participants are free to choose hotels and restaurants. Accommodation is paid directly by participants to hotels and restaurants.

Lunches and coffee are available in or around the Krakow Old Town, where the course will take place.

Venue: The classes take place in the historic building in the Old Town of Kraków, 450 m from the Main Market Square and 1.5 km from the Main Train Station of Kraków.

Planned course editions
  • 2024-07-01 to 2024-07-05, Krakow, Poland (Opened)
  • 2025-06-30 to 2025-07-04, Krakow, Poland (Opened)